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Maran HaGaon Hershev Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Shalita

"All his days he would vindicate the many, he would run to vindicate the many, the right of the many depended on him. He brought many people back to repentance and many he returned from wrongdoing. There is nothing higher than that, whoever vindicates the many the right of the many depends on him, everything that is done due to what the many have won, everything stands To him in the next world, his virtue is great up in the heavens..."

All the house of Israel will mourn the fire that God has kindled ...

Rabbi Nissim Yagan, Zatzukal gave his life to bring our brothers Beit Yisrael closer to Tzur from their quarry.

Even people far away would come to him, and he would bring them closer to their Father in heaven. In the last year he suffered severe and bitter agony...

The deceased, with all his greatness and righteousness entitles the general to repent, no doubt he had a degree of humility, when he would meet with the scholars he would abdicate himself before them.

The measure of humility is the greatest measure of all virtues...

We need each and every one of us to maintain the yeshiva of Rabbi Yeshiva "Kahailot Ya'akov". In recent times, several abrakhs had to leave the yeshiva because they were not being paid a salary.

Gentlemen of this yeshiva "his foundation is in the holy mountains" the foundation of that tzaddik and he is up in the sky watching over us wants his deeds not to be undone in his life, tzaddiks in their death live, they hear and see, each and every one of this holy crowd many yeshiva many wisdom, each one will sign a standing order to to strengthen this yeshiva, and the righteous deceased in his place in the upper world will pray for you that you may have good and pleasant days and years that God will give you happiness and honor, blessing and success, and perfections in you "and all your children the studies of God and great peace to your children" you will be blessed as wise, righteous and God-fearing students, you know what This is honor for father and mother, you know what honor is for teachers, do everything and God will help you, because you will live long on your right hand, and on your left happiness and honor. Everyone will sign as many standing orders as possible and God will bless you ".. Judah will be saved and Israel will dwell safely" We will soon be blessed with the resurrection of the dead and a redeemer will come to Zion soon in our days Amen and Amen. 

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Maran HaGaon Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Zatzukal

Don't you know that a great minister fell in Israel, a minister of the Torah, great in fear of God. A minister of the people of Israel, and great in repentance...

It is known what was said in the Holy Zohar about the one who deserves to be called, teachers and gentlemen! These walls of the Beit Midrash testify to him that day and night he was busy with Torah and mitzvot. In the introduction of godliness and repentance.

And in this holy place, I ask everyone who can help, to continue, to support the holy yeshiva, and the late Rabbi Nissim, may he pray for him in heaven that God will fulfill his heart's wishes for the best, to continue this chain of the holy yeshiva.




Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi Doron Shalita

We remember back when he was a yeshiva boy, he was a huge perseverer. I remember when the family arrived in Kiryat Sanz, he was the first for everything in holiness, the first to stir when in those days there were no more concepts of penitents, and he was one of the first to run and stir.

How much we lack today one like Rabbi Nissim to wake us up, how much we lack people like him who are able to bring people back to repentance, many of whom he converted from evil simply, in Israel and abroad.

I met a repentant man who had the privilege of building a faithful house, and it all started with him from a tape that Mr. Nissim heard.

Ask him to stand in prayer before the Lord of the world, "From our protection see God and look upon the face of your Messiah", and to stand in prayer for the peace of the family and the peace of the dear sons, for the peace of the great Yeshiva to which so many devoted themselves and from which dozens and hundreds of Torah greats came out.

I also sign and I call on everyone to sign a standing order, to take part in being tied to the soul of the tzaddik that was his enterprise and was his desire



 Harag Maran  Rabbi Issachar Meir Zatzukal

A year has already passed since our rabbi's death. But still the impression left by the rabbi remains as if it were yesterday...

This was the power of Rabbi Nissim. He goes everywhere. Show them a light in which they are returned to the beneficiary. What do you gain from leaving the Torah? ... you get broken pits. You have nothing. Everything is empty. What are you already getting? He convinced everyone. in his enthusiasm. in his personal example. He lit the Torah fire everywhere. Because the Jews are thirsty for the Torah.

It was his work, Rabbi Nissim's. And you continue to do the same...

our generation A very large generation. A generation that overcomes the material. The worst bad habit. of Aqaba Damascus. This is materialism. But it is precisely materialism that elevates us and will make us adhere to the Torah with wonderful stickiness. Don't leave for a moment. Therefore we will not forget for a moment the wonderful things he always spoke. If he spoke see it. See the fire of the Torah nearby. And it infected everyone to leave materialism and stick to the Torah. His right is still within us. will protect us. and also about his sons. Especially Rabbi Meir. who took it upon himself to continue his enterprises. God will strengthen him. and will give him grace and favor in the eyes of all. that he can continue the way.



The overseer Rabbi Dan Segal Shalita

We are here today. At the end of the Shas. In honor and in memory of Rabbi HaGaon Rabbi Nissim Zatzukal. And truly, the blessed generation rested upon him. In Shaba there are those who bring our brothers closer to our Father in Heaven. This is the commandment of the generation... and truly, there are those who devote themselves to this great cause. To bring our brothers closer to our Father in Heaven.

A great deal of affection is known to R. Nissim zt'l. He really gave his soul. Literally. To bring hearts together. And he really had such a great divine helper. He really could, sometimes in one sentence. With the look in his eyes. With his charming smile. To stir up the hearts. Here we also feel the The remaining affection known to him. That really, that's how much he won and deserved. And all those who were by his side and around him. And he had help... and surely he is, his power is great. The great are more righteous in their death than in their life. He has more power there to influence abundance over...

Therefore, we are happy and thank him, may God bless him. May God help, and the family continues its path. That which he sowed and reaped and sowed again this time and reaped. So this crop continues on with us... especially our dear son, may you live long. Rabbi Meir may he be healthy. Who walks in the ways of the late Father. And continues to do so. And certainly, Siyaeta Deshamiya will accompany him every step of the way.

And in any case, it is certain that those who are obligated to do and help those who do, and all that they do today, are public emissaries, they are the emissaries of all Klal Yisrael to fulfill this mitzvah to bring our brothers closer to our Father in heaven.

Rabbi Nissim ztzel may his spirit stir in our hearts and we will truly be able to continue in his holy path and in particular in his dear son who is going higher and higher in AZA.



The Gaon Rabbi Shalom Cohen Shalita

This is what we should learn from the deceased, who spared himself no trouble, no honor.

Nothing bothered him in life. What bothered him was what he wanted to do to other souls

To G-d. Learn Torah diligently, become a smart student, learn morals deeply, that's how he returned 

people in repentance. Recompense kindness to thousands for the glory of God. All twenty-four

His hours turned them from nights to days, turned them into light in the dark place. This

that he managed to do, this is what we must be crying for him.




The Gaon Rabbi Moshe Tzada Shalita

We gathered today in the fullness of the Sabbath of the tzaddik, who vindicates the many, who makes an Oleh of

Tshuva, the one oppressed by suffering, Rabbi Nissim will protect him. May his soul be bound in the bundle of life

And his right will protect us Amen.

I don't deserve to talk about a person who won and merited, and in particular who was oppressed by suffering, but it is forbidden

to be lazy in the eulogy of a sage, and in particular such a sage who benefited the public, and vindicated the public,

and gave his life for the public.





Rabbi Reuven Elbaz Shalita

When I saw dear Rabbi Meir. You beat his feet abroad. I read the Bible about him "And they will be at your feet carrying your words". I see Rabbi Meir looking at those rich people. About those people... my heart really broke... I thought "when you raise the candles in front of the face of the menorah, the seven candles will be lit". When this holy candle. The pure candle. who purified the people of Israel. The tzaddik rabbi Rabbi Nissim Yagan. rose in the heavenly storm. "Don't worry, Rabbi Meir, don't worry" - the father shouts and says. "When you raise the candles in front of the face of the menorah, the seven candles will be lit." will continue The same souls. Those righteous sons of his. lift up the souls of the people of Israel. refine them. purify them. I worry from above. In front of the lamp. is the face of the lamp up. He shines. He is shining. The lamp is down...

Gentlemen, how can you hear these things? and see things up close. A life's work of decades. of true devotion. How is it possible to leave this holy Yeshiva. The holy institutions of the Honorable Rabbi. Of a person who knew him. Not to sign the HoK. Who is big and who is small. A considerable contribution. to give to this holy enterprise. Jacob community. "Blessed is he who establishes the words of this Torah." to continue this holy yeshiva. with the scholars. with the holy activity. I will be strengthened by the hands of my dear son. And all those who help him. Anyone who helps. Even those who hide behind the scenes. God will protect you. Keep your hand strong. God will give you all the wishes of your heart for goodness and blessing. And to sleep and to be happy. each and every one.

I too, with God's help, will sign a standing order, so what if I have an institution. But I am obliged like every Jew for this holy Yeshiva. And everyone in God like me will see. And they will do the same, God bless you. and will grow and prosper.

God will bless us to see the resurrection soon. And R. Nissim Z'Zl is happy and happy. And you rejoice with Israel. And the dead rise. And there will be a great salvation for the people of Israel. Soon. And we will get to see it. With joy in health and success. All the best to everyone. Strong and blessed. Amen and amen. 


Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach Shalita

We have a great privilege to participate in the great joy of the end of the Shas for the OT of the tzaddik who is famous to the world for his special deeds.

I had the privilege of getting to know the late tzaddik up close, I saw the flame rising from her, the sacred flame that was very special in this, the flame not only for himself, many were educated by its light, and many luminaries came closer to this great fire, and were privileged to come closer under the wings of the Shechinah to rise step by step, a holy fire was always there.

 God has left sons who continue and especially Rabbi Meir who took upon himself the great burden even in the life of the father, who continues with a holy flame as much as possible that his right still protects very much and will protect very much.

And I sincerely bless with all my heart that there will be many blessings and success and that the Torah will increase and that the glory of Heaven will increase to bring all of Israel under the wings of the Shekinah and the wings of the place, and that his right will protect all the helpers and those who help, and all the blessed ones who will rise in the very holy virtues.