Divre Torah

Righteous Women

by Rabbi Nissim Yagen

(translated excerpt from the book Netivei Ohr by Rabbi Nissim Yagen pg.177)

An avreich (kollel student) who truly loved to learn torah once told me:

When his wife would request from him to wash the dishes, what did he do? He would put his mishna berura (torah book) on the water faucet and while he was washing the dishes he would read it. His wife saw how much tzar (pain) he has from washing one dish. She had pity on him and said: "Good. Go learn and I'll wash the dishes."

So it is with all things. If a woman sees that her husband truly wants to moser nafsho (give himself over sincerely) in the learning of torah, she will be joyful to be his "ezer kenegdo" (helper, bereishis 2:18) and to free him from all burdens that prevent him from learning.

Note: Obviously, this is not an iron rule. Many great torah scholars spent time daily helping their wives. Especially when the kids were young.

"In the merit of righteous women, our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt, and in the merit of righteous women the final redemption will come" (talmud)

"All those who accept the yoke of torah, the yoke of worldly affairs is removed from him" (Pirkei Avot)

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