About Us

Yagen.org is an organization that was inspired by Rabbi Nissim Yagen ZT"L. Dedicated to helping people come closer to Hashem through Torah learning and the performance of mitzvot. The website offers a wealth of resources for those seeking to deepen their understanding of Jewish tradition and spirituality.

One of the core principles espoused by Rabbi Nissim Yagen, is the importance of Torah learning and Doing Mitzvot Daily in order to get closer to Hashem. Hashem is watching and wants us to do another Mitzvah, As we know Moshiach is coming closer, we have to do another Mitzva and another Mitzvah! Through the study of Jewish texts such as the Tanach, Talmud the Gemera, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of Hashem's will and how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Yagen.org offers a variety of Torah insights and teachings, including articles, videos, and audio recordings, to help people access this wisdom and apply it to their daily lives.

Another key focus of Yagen.org is the performance of mitzvot. By connecting with Hashem through the observance of His commandments, individuals can elevate themselves and rise above the physical constraints of the world. The website offers guidance on how to perform various mitzvot, such as prayer, giving tzedakah/Charity, and observing Shabbat, and encourages individuals to integrate these practices into their daily routines.

Through Torah learning and the performance of mitzvot, individuals develop a deeper connection with Hashem and cultivate a more spiritual outlook on life. By prioritizing Jewish education, personal development, and ethical behavior, individuals can not only improve their own lives but contribute to the greater Jewish community as well.

Yagen.org also emphasizes the importance of Jewish unity encouraging individuals of all backgrounds to come together to learn and grow in the service of Hashem. The website offers resources for outreach, inspiration, and motivation, including Jewish music, literature, and Free Books, to help individuals connect with their heritage and develop a stronger sense of Jewish identity.

Overall, Yagen.org is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with Hashem and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. Through Torah learning and the performance of mitzvot, individuals can rise above the physical limitations of the world and tap into the spiritual realm, cultivating a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with Hashem.

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